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Barbara Fisher

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

Originally trained as historian I am today a committed art manager bringing people together to enhance the impact of arts, culture, and heritage. I started my digital trail working in Wikimedia projects. Co-creating formats like the popular hackathon Coding da Vinci partnering GLAMs and Coders. Thus I am a 100% wikified: I endorse volunteer communities and free licenses fostering visibility of digital GLAM content. This is why I work as Liaison Counsel at the German National Library’s Agency for Standardization (DNB) to encourage cooperation and openness in the digital transformation. I am the head of the DFG-research project “GND for Cultural data” and the communication manager for “GND meets Wikibase”. On behalf of the DNB I initiated the WikiLibrary Manifesto. I work to increase the quality of metadata through Authority Control to foster retrieval and linked data. (May 2021).